MixdMediaMashup                          by Susan Lerner

I grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s with dreams of exploring far walks of life.  My bible was National Geographic. It contained all of my interests; travel, photography, adventure and science.   My work is about capturing nostalgia in a contemporary way.  I construct whimsical surreal compositions into complex visual stories, exploring relationships in the world.  The work embodies the attitude that anything is possible.

I combine vintage images from magazines and books with my personal photographs through collage.  I am motivated by the pursuit of the hunt for the images both in print and through the viewfinder.  The process of hand cutting and then layering pieces into exaggerated forms is simultaneously meditative and stimulating.  I love to juxtapose my glossy photos with matte vintage images. Each piece is meticulously cut to become one of a kind.

My latest series, All Over the Map, involves the use of vintage maps and imagery. The use of the map’s line, color and symmetry naturally inform the direction of the work. My artistic process; searching for material, taking photos, cutting and gluing images and creating collages, parallels the travel experience of researching places to visit, mapping out itineraries and finally traveling to them. Symbolically, the road represents my artistic journey. The practice is meaningful to me because it allows me to reconnect with my past and bring it to the present.

I am a member of the The Collage Club, a weekly international Instagram group that uses the same page of the same book to create collages. The first book was "Ansel Adams 400 Photographs" followed by "Elementary Calculus" by J. Carrier and Vivian Maier: Street Photographer. The current book is “A Detroit Nocturne” by Dave Giordano.

I was the organizer and curator of @the_Collage_Garden (NYC location), an installation of garden themed collages submitted by 150 international artists from over 25 countries. In addition to NYC, the project has been curated by other artists and hosted in Norway, the Netherlands, Moscow, and Nepal. The garden currently resides in Denver, CO.

Check out my interview with the Collage Collective Co.    I talk about my collage process and what inspires me!  www.collagecollective.co.  I also have been interviewed by Explore Washington CT about my life and work in Litchfield, CT.  www.explorewashingtonct.com/Susan-Lerner/.

I attend mixed media collage classes at the 92 Street Y in NYC under the tutelage of artists Ellen Alt , Anna Shukeylo and Eric Hibit.

Select pieces of my work can also be found on www.Saatchiart.com/SusanLerner

Susan Lerner 2016 Photo by Maureen Edwards Photography

Susan Lerner 2016 Photo by Maureen Edwards Photography


“Collage by Women - 50 Essential Contemporary Artists” 2019 (Promopress Publishing, Barcelona, Spain) Available in US in May, 2019.

Excavations-Magazine (#5) 2018 Heidelberg, Germany Original collage artwork by 22 international collagists making 22 original books.

HealersMagazine.com (Issue #4) “Set Free” and “Take Flight” (Issue #2) “Eclipse of the Soul”

1340 Art Magazine (2018 Q1)  (The Netherlands) Featured Artist:  "School Photo"

"Food For Thought 2018 Collage Calendar"                                                                                                   Available at Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and        Hickory Stick Bookshop, Washington Depot, CT

Annual 2017 Collage Collective Co (Australia) Featured Artist:  "Pie in the Sky"

Annual 2016 Collage Collective Co (Australia) Featured Artist:  "Escalate"


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